Facts about Lumineers in Austin, TX

Teeth are essential in daily activities; it affects how the person looks, the way a person speak, eat and chew. However, how can people do such actions when they have teeth irregularities, discolored and stained teeth. One way to restore […] Continue Reading

What is Six Months Smile – Austin TX

A lot of adults are suffering from problems with teeth misalignments. Many undergo treatments that take several years to complete. However, these treatments do not appeal to everyone especially to those people that want fast results.  With the help of […] Continue Reading

A White Winter In Austin, Texas

The weather is Austin is so unpredictable. Winter weather is certainly filled with its ups and downs. January can find us in shorts and a t-shirt or wrapped in winter coats and winter accessories. You just never know. December gave […] Continue Reading

FAQ’s from a Cosmetic Dentist

As a cosmetic dentist, we regularly answer questions about our practice and our approach to dental care. Many patients want to know what the difference is between a cosmetic dentist and a general dentist. To begin with, there is not […] Continue Reading

Visit Our Cosmetic Dentist Office for Dental Veneers or Dental Bonding

As a cosmetic dentist, we have several solutions for correcting your damaged teeth or even replacing them, including dental implants and dental bonding. Regardless of whether you have functionality issues that we need to address or you have some aesthetic […] Continue Reading

Why Routine Dental Visits are Important

Have you ever wondered why routine dental visits are important? Most people are familiar with dentists recommending that a person makes an appointment once or twice a year. Many people go without doing so because of a lack of understanding […] Continue Reading

What Are Partial Dentures and How Are They Used?

If you have ever wondered, “What are partial dentures?” you most likely have a need they can fulfill. The partial lack of teeth, also known as edentulism affects the majority of American adults. We can provide you with partial dentures […] Continue Reading

Biggest Fears and Myths About Seeing the Dentist

There are a lot of common myths and fears that people have about visiting the dentist. Most of these come from common folklore and from exaggerated tales of what patients have experienced. Fortunately, these myths are nowhere near the actual […] Continue Reading

Visit Us If You Are a Candidate for Dentures Treatment in Austin

If you are a candidate for receiving dentures treatment, it is time to visit our Austin office to learn more about what to expect. When you are new to dentures, it can take a while to adjust, but before you […] Continue Reading

Invisalign® Can Help You Achieve Your New Years’ Resolutions

When continuing your new resolutions for the year, consider your smile and how Invisalign® can improve it. When you visit our office in Austin, we can help you have a beautiful smile. While most people write a New Years’ resolution […] Continue Reading